Women's History Month

Since 1984, Women's Network has celebrated Women's History Month by bringing our community special programs that combine artistic expression with educational content.


The first volume of TAPROOTS: Transcription of the Bartlesville Women's Network Oral History Project was published in October of 1994. Many volumes of our interviews with local women ìwho have made a differenceî have now been published. more info

History-Maker of the Year

In 1990, the Bartlesville Women's Network instituted an annual History-Maker of the Year award. Recipients of the award are outstanding advocates/pioneers devoted to improving the human conditions in any arena of human life. The contributions of these women have also advanced the status of women either by example or direct action, through a single achievement or by cumulative effort throughout a lifetime.


2017 Ann Cleary

2016 Joan Dreisker

2015 Sarah Winn

2013 Frances Gardner

2012 Kathryn Reese

2011 Mary Jo Strack

2010 Susan Murphy

2009 Cindra Pribil

2008 Susan Mueller and Margoleine Gravley

2007 Miss Ruth Brown

2006 Mildred Todd

2005 Alice Ririe

2004 Annette Ketchum

2003 Charlotte Lyke

2002 Helen Pittman

2001 Edna Mae Cogswell

2000 Harriet Guthrie

1999 Bettye Dailey Williams

1998 Vel Mason

1996 Mildred Reusser

1995 Odie McReynolds

1994 Joanne Riney Bennett

1993 Nan Buhlinger

1992 Betty Rausch Frey

1991 Lois Straight Johnson

1990 Judge Janice P. Dreiling


History-Makers of the Past

1991 Ruth Brown, librarian and civil rights activist in Bartlesville, 1919-1950; awarded posthumously.

1997 During Bartlesville's centennial year, we honored each anonymous wife, mother, sister and daughter who helped develop and civilize our area during its oil boom years a century ago.

2017 Pat Ashe for her years serving and living with the homeless in Catholic Worker Homes in Chicago and helping start Su Casa.